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Nov 25 2014 5:32 AM
my html structure like this =>
 <input type="text" id="search_input"/>
<article class="article">
<a>   Question </a>
$("#search_input").keyup(function() {
var userInput = $(this).val();
$(".article h5 a").map(function(index, value) {
$(value).toggle($(value).text().toLowerCase().indexOf(userInput) >= 0);
1 >Question=
how can i help u?
Answer =>
 By Solving My Problem
2)Question= What IS your Name
 Answer =>-Hament
Like Above i have may item like this ,when i write how so that time Question
as well as from Answer also ,i olny want to search it from
it search from Question ..
Means My Wronge Result Shows O/p Like 
how can i help u?
By Solving My Problem 

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