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"When a new item is created" on group calendar

Aug 14 2020 5:18 AM
I was recently added to a SP Group that share a page and other apps, but, most of all, a calendar for which we want to be notify immediately when a member create/modify/delete an event and the events must be notified (obviously to the entire group) in advance respect to the due date, let's say 1 month, 8 weeks or similar.
I have administrative privileges in the group and created some flow that works perfectly using events referred to my account only ("When an item is created") but not for the group.
In the group i used the same "When a new item is created", selected the "Group name" available (the same in which i'm in) but the color of the event remains pink, not blue, like there's something wrong (i wrote in powerusers forum but didn't receive a resolutive answer), and when i test it i get a timeout error! Even if i create an event in the Group Calendar.
Here's the link: 
From the high of your knowledge, i look at you with admiration for that, can you give me a hand?
More, if i create the event for a Group List it works regularly (i create a
Am i missing something?
Is there something bad with permissions?
Many many thanks in advance for your time.
Best regards.

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