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Radio button not firing on first click

May 8 2013 12:54 PM

I have a nested gridview that I have a group of radio buttons on that are linked to answers for a question in the main gridview. When I first click on the radio button, it does a post back, but the selection does not change. If I click the button a second time it posts back and the click event fires.

How do I get the first click to fire the click event?

The nested gridview contains answers to a Question gridview. So when I get the questions, it fires the Stored Procedure to get the answers for that question. Since there is only one question per page, it has to fire on each new page. However, that is not the problem. As I said, I can retain the information, it is just a matter of making it select the chosen answer on the first click rather than having to click twice. When reviewing the questions and answers, if the question was answered, it is checked. However, to choose something else, it will post back and not change the selection or fire the click event for the radio button. However, after that, it will function correctly for any radio button choice. So the first time on the page it will post back when clicking the radio button, but will not change anything. Subsequently, it will make the appropriate change and fire the click event.


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