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Reading Excel file (Column's Name, Data Type, Maxlength) using c#.net

May 4 2023 7:45 AM

Hi all,

I want to read an excel file using C#.

I have to get following information about an excel file.

1. Column list

2. Data type of data particular column is having like Numeric data, Alphanumric etc.

3. Maxlength/ max size of data contained in a column.

e.g. If there is one of the column of excel file as  EmployeeNo then

1. EmplyeeNo

2. Alphanumeric

3. Maxlength(size) of data = 20

I got solution to read all coulmn names of excel file but could not get solution for finding data type of column and maxlength.

How can i do this in dotnet? Any help would be appreaciated.

Thank you

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