Real time use of Model-View-Presenter pattern with Winforms

Feb 18 2013 5:53 AM

All the explanations and tutorials that I can find, explains about a simple case (better than Hello World) involving only one view.  In real time, the situation is quite different. I am finding it difficult to move ahead in this line to convert my small Winforms app from its present state (all logic in code behind).

I am confronted with few practical problems in implementing this like creating solution structure in visual studio, creating bootstrapping code to initiate the first view, initialising other views bases on events on the first view, communicating between models etc.

I am looking forward to have some discussion (physically or virtually using team viewer) about these with someone who has confronted these issues. It would be great help to kick start my migration process if some one can show how can I get over the above problems (in a sample starting from scratch).

Pointing to any tutorial which deals with above is also fine.

Chennai, India.