Reg My Friend career

Nov 15 2013 1:30 AM
Hi Frnds, I need a advice from all u for my friend. She was working in reputed company as java developer. That s her first company. After 1 year because of marriage she quieted her job. Unfortunately her marriage stopped. Company which she worked had 2 years bond. They din give exp certificate. So she don have any option join in other company. She joined in her friend company. Which is started after 2 months. It s very small company doing local projects in java. After 1 year over 1 company gave exp certificate. Now she trying other company. 2 company will give salary as cash only. In first company she got 20k per month. In 2company she getting same salary. But as cash. She got selected in a MNC now. But they asking Bank statement for last six months salary .. Shw don know wat to do. Because of her family financial condition she has to move next. pls give some ideas to solve this problem

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