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Regarding ng2-completer

Jul 12 2019 6:55 AM
Dear All,
I was developing small project using Angular 6 and MVC 5 with Rest Api.
while developing I am facing one problem related to ng2-autocompleter, completer works fine but issue is that I am using ngModel to that completer. I am able to store that value and even  retrieve that value but if that value gets assign to that then getting error of following :-
  1. ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'search' of undefined  
  2.     at CtrList.push../node_modules/ng2-completer/esm5/ng2-completer.js.CtrList.searchTimerComplete  
please let me know any easy solution to overcome on above problem.
If I need to use any other autocompleter then please let me know. 
Any suggestion will be acceptable. 
Thanking you in advanced. 

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