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Relationship between tables

Dec 25 2017 1:52 AM
Hello Guys
please help me , i need to their exparience in databse to put good relationship between tables inorder its works as good functionality. i will be upload tables as photos .
1. tbl_Emplyee ( EmpId(identity)  , EmpNo(Pk)
2. tbl_Items    (ItemId (identity)  , PartNo (PK)
3.tbl_Custody (CustodyId(identity) , EmpNo(pk in tbl_Employee) , (PartNo (pk in tbl_Items)
i need to create relationship between three tables above 
4. tbl_SimCard (SimId (identity) , (ServiveNo Pk )
5. tbl_SimCustody (SimCustodyId (identity) ServiceNo Pk in tbl_SimCard) (EmpNo Pk in tbl_Employee)
Thank You to any one supported to me . 

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