Require C++ Sweep Test code converted to C#?

Apr 2 2005 10:06 PM
Hello all.. Is there any easy way to convert C++ to C#? I've got an inaccurate collision in my Air Hockey game and i've realised it's because i need to perform a sweep-test to get the precise point at which two sphere's collide. Code below and original website here: (you have to register to view it though!) Thanks in advance. Brian #include "vector.h" template< class T > inline void SWAP( T& a, T& b ) //swap the values of a and b { const T temp = a; a = b; b = temp; } // Return true if r1 and r2 are real inline bool QuadraticFormula ( const SCALAR a, const SCALAR b, const SCALAR c, SCALAR& r1, //first SCALAR& r2 //and second roots ) { const SCALAR q = b*b - 4*a*c; if( q >= 0 ) { const SCALAR sq = sqrt(q); const SCALAR d = 1 / (2*a); r1 = ( -b + sq ) * d; r2 = ( -b - sq ) * d; return true;//real roots } else { return false;//complex roots } } const bool SphereSphereSweep ( const SCALAR ra, //radius of sphere A const VECTOR& A0, //previous position of sphere A const VECTOR& A1, //current position of sphere A const SCALAR rb, //radius of sphere B const VECTOR& B0, //previous position of sphere B const VECTOR& B1, //current position of sphere B SCALAR& u0, //normalized time of first collision SCALAR& u1 //normalized time of second collision ) { const VECTOR va = A1 - A0; //vector from A0 to A1 const VECTOR vb = B1 - B0; //vector from B0 to B1 const VECTOR AB = B0 - A0; //vector from A0 to B0 const VECTOR vab = vb - va; //relative velocity (in normalized time) const SCALAR rab = ra + rb; const SCALAR a =; //u*u coefficient const SCALAR b = 2*; //u coefficient const SCALAR c = - rab*rab; //constant term //check if they're currently overlapping if( <= rab*rab ) { u0 = 0; u1 = 0; return true; } //check if they hit each other // during the frame if( QuadraticFormula( a, b, c, u0, u1 ) ) { if( u0 > u1 ) SWAP( u0, u1 ); return true; } return false; }

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