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Rotate a text by angle degrees

May 18 2020 4:36 AM
Hi everyone!
I work on the development of an open source railway simulator.
I wish I could insert the possibility to rotate a text according to the degrees of angle.
The image and functions of the train cabin are managed by a .cvf extension file, which can be opened with any text editor. For example, on line 163 I have a digital control that shows me the maximum speed. Here among the various parameters Position, ScaleRange, Accuracy etc... I would like to add a new one where I can insert an angle value so that I can see the rotated text.
All these parameters are defined in the Cabview.cs file that I attach. More precisely from line 610 onwards where digital controls are defined. I have made several attempts to try and insert an instruction that allows me to enter the degrees of angle to define the rotation, however without success.
I wanted to ask if anyone could help me develop this control like i explain above.
I remain available for any information.
Thanks so much

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