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Searching a webpage for multiple names

Sep 28 2010 4:32 PM
Does anyone know where I should look to create a 4.0 interphase so that I could be able to search a page for names?
For example if I am looking at a history page on George Washington. I would like to be able to find each instance of the name on the webpage. Then I would search for other names such as John Adams.

The catch is that I would like to have a do loop that would take each name and search the page for it, one name at a time.

I know all browsers nowdays have a find function for one search string, but my problem involves a list of names, without having to enter each name in the search field manually.

Has anyone heard or seen a possible application that I might be able to backwards engineer?

for the input !!!
John Dominguez (New Member)

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