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SendKeys SendMessage Help

Nov 24 2009 1:12 PM
Hi all, i've done a lot of research out there and cannot find anything like the problem i got atm.

I'm working with C#.

Let me try to explain the situation:
My application is running minimized(trayicon) and controling a Mobily Computer(MC75) Scanner, so i get a barcode data read by the user.
In the same Mobily Computer(MC75) there's a "WM6 Remote Desktop" running an application at a remote computer. This application is not mine and I have no access to it's code.
So after all i need to get the data read by the scanner and send it to the active field at "WM6 Remote Desktop".

The problem:
When i get the scanned data, i'm able to generate some SendKeys events and it works very nice in a local application(let's say Word Mobile).
However when the same event is used at the application running at "WM6 Remote Desktop" SendKeys fails. Exemple of the failure: scanned data have 22 characters, only 20 or 21 of them are sent.

Possible solutions that i found, and I was unable to make work properly:
Use SendMessage do deliver the data. (I was stuck getting the handler to the "WM6 Remote Desktop" window).
Use something with clipboard (cut and paste). (Works nice for local applications, but fails at pasting the code at the application running at "WM6 Remote Desktop").

Maybe my explanation was a little confusing as my english is not that good, but i can try to explain it better if you guys need.
Well guess i've said all my problem, any help, tip, or code sample is appreciated.

Ryan Molina

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