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Set up CI and CD with TFS 2015\TFVC\VS2017 -

Jun 9 2020 1:53 PM
I am so confused about setting up build defintion. We are using VS 2017 and TFVC. Now trying to set up TFS build automation. TFS build agent is set up by our system admin. Now I am trying to automate build for CI and CD.
I am not finding right step by step guide for setting up CI. In VS, I opened solution and project which is checked into TFVC. When I went to Team Explorer and clicked on Builds\Build Definitions\New Build Definition, it took me to web browser where I see my project under default collection. When I click on 'Set up build' button, it took me to a page of 'Select template'. I am not getting right documentation for step to step guide. In these templates I see many under featured. My application is web application. I see one for ASP.NET (PREVIEW) and under others I see another called ASP.NET with Containers. How do I know which one to choose. Why I am getting preview ones?
Please let me know the resources to create CI and CD in TFS 2015 for web application. 
Thank You 

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