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SQl Join Types

Jun 18 2013 9:11 AM
Sir, please take look at the following SQL JOINS statements:-

1) select * from tbl_Employee joins tbl_department
 on tbl_Employee.employeeId=tbl_department.employeeId

2) select tbl_Employee.employeeName,tbl_department.departmentName
joins tbl_Employee.employeeId=tbl_department.departmentId

3)select employeeName, departmentName from tbl_Employee
 where departmentName=(select departmentName from tbl_department where departmentId=1)

I am confused of the above SQL joins, confusion of which kind of join statement to use in a joining of tables.

in which of the above code has more perfection than others when using in a complex situation?

which code has most standard?

which of these query is to be accepted in table joining situation. Let me Know.

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