SQL Reporting service 2000 -Issues with shared data sources

Mar 11 2006 4:48 AM
Hi All, I am new to SQL reporting service and am facing a very strange error. I needed to create a 20 oddpages pdf report using sql reporting. To achieve that goal I created subreports and 1 shared data source. This share data source is being used by all the subreports and the one master report containing all the subreports. I needed to automate the exporting process of report, so i have used reporting web service for the same. Now, when i run my webservice to generate the pdf report, i get the following error: "The data source 'EDSDeveloper' is a shared data source. 'EDSDevelper' has not been published on the server. " I have checked that when i build and deploy the report the data source does get deployed. Any ideas as to why this could be creating a problem. Thanks and Regards Vartika