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two combox with three textbox two tables populate bases on c

Sep 23 2018 10:15 PM

I have two tables, 1st FileFolderPath and 2nd Product_Type

`Id`     `Product`

`Id`     `Product_Id`     `Product_Type`     `Folder_Path`

`Product_Id` in Table Product_Type is the `Id` of FileFolderPath

In  form i have below controls

[PID.Text]        [comboBox2]
[PTID.Text]      [comboBox3]


"PID.Text", "comboBox2" is related to table "FileFolderPath"

"PTID.Text", "PPath.Text", "comboBox3" is related to table "Product_Type"

On form Load i made [comboBox2] populate data "Product" from Table FileFolderPath

SELECT * FROM FileFolderPath

1st Issue: when i select a `Product` from [comboBox2], i need `Id` to be filled in [PID.Text].

02nd Issue: I populated [comboBox3] on selection on [comboBox2], but i need `Id` to been filled in [PTTID.Text] and `Folder_Path` to be filled in [PPath.Text] when i select `Product_Type` from [comboBox3].

I tried several search i couldn't find a solution. So i feel this cannot be a duplication.

Kindly someone help.

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