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Unable to Deploy WSP in PROD WFE - WSP Deployment ISSUE

Sep 18 2017 1:32 AM


Unable to deploy the solution hello.wsp in WFE Server - PROD Farm.
During deployment of wsp using PowerShell, the status changes to “deploying” and again rolls back to “Not Deployed” status.
 Troubleshooting steps done so far: [Nothing Worked Out]
1. Restarted SharePoint Timer Service and Admin Server in both WFE and App Server.
2. Tried IISRESET In both the WFE and APP.
3. Restarted both WFE and APP Server.
4. Cleared the SharePoint Cache in both WFE and App Server.
5. Tried to deploy with a blank visual web part wsp which is not getting deployed.
6. All deployment are performed using PowerShell.
7. Unable to deploy using the UI in CA.
8. We were able to remove and add the solution. But unable to deploy.
PFA the screenshot for more info 
Since its a PROD Region. Quick fix is appreciated! 


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