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Use Case of Oauth 2.0?

Jul 12 2020 10:21 PM

I have asked this question to many developers and even in stack overflow and CSharpCorner but never got a satisfactory answer. According to every developer there is only one use case of oauth2.0 and it is like stated below.

“hey, do you want to log into our website with other website’s login?

My question is if I am having a REST API which will be consumed only by my frontend clients(browser and mobile), and no third party apps involved. Is the OAuth2.0 the right tool? I know Form and Basic authentication is there. But is Social login the only use case of OAuth2.0

I politely request to answer my question from all oauth gurus here and please don't answer if you are only going to state

Oauth is an authorization protocol which allows one app to consume services of another app on user's behalf without actually knowing his password.

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