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Using "GET" command in JavaScript as an "If/Else"

Jul 31 2017 10:28 AM
In my JavaScript I have a number of variables as shown:
stop = new google.maps.LatLng(49.093914487013, -117.71569423377514)
location: stop,
stopover: true
The line in Bold is what I need help with. I have data transmitted to a platform Thingspeak. I have an API that allows me to select the exact value to query; what I need to know is how to use a GET statement (Or anything that would work) to have that Stopover line be True or False based on the result. So IF the result queried by the API is over 8, it's TRUE, if it's under it is false.
The API line looks like this: 
So How do I set that Bold field to query this and either be TRUE or FALSE based upon the result of this query?
If you need any more info please reply and I can fill in any blanks, but I'm reallllly needing some help here.
Thank you! 

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