What i need to install .NET CF?

Oct 10 2003 9:47 AM
HI, I'm new to this community and i'm looking to install CompactFramework on my home PC... I'm not clearly understood Microsoft's requirements for its installation, so i seek an advice... I have: - WIN XP Pro - .NET 1.1 - SharpDevelop (not yet installed, i use EditPlus) - Visual C++ Embedded (free or trial i don't know, it's from a newspaper, not yet installed) Then i have to buy an iPaq with PocketPC 2003. I'm able to code in C# (and i prefer over C++, that i don't know). It's possible for me to develop some home application, or have I to buy something? After that i have to propose CF to my Company, so i have to plan it well... Can someone help me? TY in advance :-)

Answers (2)