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when build project error manifest display why and how to solve issue ?

Jan 21 2021 2:16 AM

when build desktop app work in csharp I get error manifest why and how to solve issue ?

error details

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Tool
Error Unable to create a manifest resource name for "..\..\..\..\Module 3.0.0\Trunk\Code\Forms\Forms\Backup.resx". Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\ahmed\OneDrive\Desktop\Tab versions\NewTfs 25-09-2019\Module 3.0.0\Trunk\Code\Forms\Forms\Backup.cs'. Tab

so How to solve issue please ?

error display

  1. Unable to create a manifest resource name for "..\..\..\..\Module 3.0.0\Trunk\Code\Forms\Forms\Backup.resx". Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\ahmed\OneDrive\Desktop\Tab versions\NewTfs 25-09-2019\Module 3.0.0\Trunk\Code\Forms\Forms\Backup.cs'

i attached my project file

  1. <Compile Include="..\..\..\..\Module 3.0.0\Trunk\Code\Forms\Forms\Backup.cs">    
  2.      <Link>Root\Backup.cs</Link>    
  3.    </Compile>    
  4.    <Compile Include="..\..\..\..\Module 3.0.0\Trunk\Code\Forms\Forms\Backup.designer.cs">    
  5.      <Link>Root\Backup.designer.cs</Link>    
  6.      <DependentUpon>Backup.cs</DependentUpon>    
  7.    </Compile>    
  8. lt;EmbeddedResource Include="..\..\..\..\Module 3.0.0\Trunk\Code\Forms\Forms\Backup.resx">    
  9.      <Link>Root\Backup.resx</Link>    
  10.      <DependentUpon>Backup.cs</DependentUpon>    
  11.    </EmbeddedResource>  

so i need to know why this issue happen and how to solve it

i work on visual studio 2019 csharp .NET Framework 4

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