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When check in in tfs file it not included on project on sour

Dec 16 2018 8:52 PM


When check in in tfs file it not included on project on source control ?

i worked on tfs and there are 10 person connected

when i make check in to file from my computer it not show on another computer

when another users make get latest version this file i do check in to it not show on source control

if they are doing show all it will display but it not included on our projects

meaning it display but not included to project

to include it must do include on project

so that my question why this happen and how to prevent it ?

steps done

1- i connect to tfs

2- do right click and check in to new file created on my computer to another developer see it(these files contain windows form .cs and resx and reswources) .

3-another developers connected to tfs need to see this file to resume work they do get right click latestversion

4- file i do check in not display to them they make show all files

5- after that file i do check in display in other developers after do show all files

6- after display it show but not included on project

7- id included on project

but i will not go to every developer or computer and do that

so that i ask how to solve this problem if possible ?

actually i need when another developers or computer make get saltest version file display to them

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