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why it is getting public virtual int function() in mvc

Jul 27 2017 6:23 AM
I am doing a project in mvc, and for that I have created a stored procedure. It works fine and then I included this sp to edmx and shows sussceful. But when I opened Entities.Context.cs, instead of getting
 public virtual ObjectResult<Sp_Result> sp(),I am getting  
public virtual int Sp()
and in the EntitiesModel.cs , I need to  get  function declaration as objectResult<Sp_Result>Sp();  but it is not getting a declaration as this or as int ??
why is this happening ?? Actually I need to get as public virtual ObjectResult<Sp_Result> sp() this is not getting. 
What will be the reason behind this and is there a way to delete the stored procedure from edmx and to add later
can anyone please help me to find the solution for this ?? 

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