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Why we can't write article in HTML?

Nov 11 2018 3:35 AM
Hi all!
I am facing problem in writing article in online tool given by C#-Corner team.
I faced problems as:
  • Problem with Bullets (not change the style of the bullet after pressing Tab.)  
  • Problem with making tables (We can't write a simple equation in the markdown you are providing us)
  • we can't style the table as "center".
The solution to all these problems is: Provide us with the functionality to write the article in HTML.
So I want to write my article in HTML. I think C#-Corner is not providing this feature.
Am I right?
If not then please direct me to write it in HTML.
You can see the markdown provided by CodeProject:
They allow us to write an article in HTML, shown as "Soucre".
So if C#-Corner is not allowing it then why?
If it can suitable to launch this feature then please do it.

Thanks in advance
-Zain Ul Hassan

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