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Windows Azure AppFabric: Building, Managing, and Connecting High-Density, Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications by Clemen Vasters

Jan 27 2011 4:49 AM
Windows Azure AppFabric is Microsoft's next-generation middleware application platform in the cloud, providing access control with federated identity, high-density, multi-tenant component-hosting, caching services, on-premise connectivity, rich publish/subscribe messaging, and integration services. Clemens Vasters, an Architect on the AppFabric product team at Microsoft is coming to India this April at Great Indian Developer Summit. He will provide an overview of the AppFabric services that are already commercially available and the new services that Microsoft will bring to market until the end of this year. The summit will take place from 19-22 April, 2011 at IISc, Bangalore.

Clemens Vasters is in a Technical Lead/Architect role on Windows Azure AppFabric at Microsoft Corporation. Clemens has been with Microsoft for 5 years and has worked on WCF, Modeling and Cloud Platform technologies. Before joining Microsoft he's been touring the world teaching, implementing, and speaking about distributed systems, and Web services. Clemens has written several books, contributed to numerous open source projects and was the original author of dasBlog, one of the first open source blogging engines on ASP.NET. Follow Clemens on Twitter at @clemensv.

For further information on GIDS 2011, please visit the summit on the web

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