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Work on the side with ASP.NET MVC?

Mar 5 2021 5:44 AM

I am an entry level web developer at a company on a team of about 5 developers. I'm fresh out of school. I work with ASP.NET MVC -- C#, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, etc. Pretty much all parts of our project at times.

My question is about making money on the side by making websites for friends/family/whoever.

This is something that I have always wanted to pursue speed testbut have never done due to school and well, laziness. But now more than ever it seems like it could be a good thing. I could really use some extra income. BUT I am not really sure what making a site for someone could entail.

A co-worker told me that he created a site for a friend at one point (using asp web forms i believe) and it was more work than it was worth. I don't really mind 'grinding' something like this out. I think I could handle that.

So I guess this may be a more generalized question and should probably be submitted in another subreddit, but I'd really like to continue working with ASP since it is what I've been doing the past half year.

SO, is it possible to do work on the side using ASP.NET  showboxMVC(MVC preferably) or web forms? Or would I be better off looking at making WordPress type sites instead?

I feel pretty confident at this point in my career that I could pick either one up. There are so many resources available these days. I could probably do a google search right now and find what I need even, but I thought I would get some insight from this subreddit first.


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