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WPF and a little C# Hands on Teaching via my WebEx account

Dec 22 2013 3:25 AM

Hello All

I wonder if anyone can help me with the following please

I am an IT guy, I know Windows Servers technologies (e.g. AD, DNS, Exchange etc.) and PowerShell

I also understand the concepts behind .NET (as PowerShell like C# is built on .NET) so I can create PowerShell scripts to interface with ADSI, WMI, COM and .NET and understand the idea behind Reflection etc.

The thing is I am not a Programmer and PowerShell is the first scripting language I have used (for about a year now)

I need to start taking my knowledge forward, and have watched some introductory video courses for C# (but have had actually create a C# script yet). Plus I have gone through an introductory video course on WPF (c#/xaml)

So I get the basic concepts/ideas

The thing is, during my daily work I do not use Visual Studio or create and C# or WPF apps etc.

However I do want to start putting GUI frontends on some of my PowerShell scripts (and also learn some C#)

I have an eval LAB with Visual Studio 2012 Professional, and my own WebEx account.

The thing is looking through videos and books is OK, but it can be a slow way to learn.

I am therefore looking for someone with C#/WPF (and preferably how to integrate PowerShell with WFP, so I do not have to re-write all of my PowerShell scripts in C# ) to teach me one on one via my WebEx account/lab.

I can pay via PayPal for example (I cannot afford to pay too much as I am just a humble engineer)

So was looking for someone who had say two to four hours spare a month, mornings, evenings or weekends (I am in the UK time zone) to WebEx into my LAB via my WebEx account, to teach me. First of all by creating some basic WPF apps via Visual Studio (layouts, data binding etc.) e.g. you show me then I do it so I get the practice and the concepts stick in my head, then more forward.

Anyone interested?

Thanks all in advance





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