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Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Here you may find Microsoft Azure related articles and news.


  • Creating An Azure Storage Account

    Azure offers a lot of features that enable IT professionals to really enhance their environment. One feature that I really like about Azure is Storage accounts. Since disk is relatively cheap, this continues to hold true in the cloud. For less than $100 per month, you could get up to 5TB of storage including redundancy to another Azure region.
  • A Detailed Overview Of Azure Storage Account Creation

    This article will teach you about the creation of an Azure Storage Account.
  • Azure Storage - Tables

    Azure Table storage is a service that stores structured NoSQL data in the cloud, providing a key/attribute store with a schema less design.
  • Azure Key Vault Logging

    Azure Log Analytics uses advanced analytics and machine learning to analyze your azure log files. It adds intelligent insights to your monitored data such as Key Vault usage and access as well as latency in key retrieval from your Audit Event Logs.
  • Assign Static Public IP Address To Azure VM

    In this article, we will explore what a public IP address brings to a virtual machine, how we can assign a static public IP address during creation of a VM, and on an existing VM.
  • Quick Start With Azure Storage

    This article helps you to learn what Azure Storage is, why we use Azure Storage, and what are its categories.
  • Understand Azure Service Fabric In THREE Minutes

    Azure Service Fabric is Microsoft’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and is used to build and deploy microservices-based cloud applications. However, before we can understand Azure Service Fabric, it’s important that we understand the evolution from monolithic apps to microservices-based apps.
  • How To Create Azure Function Apps In The Azure Portal

    This article helps you to learn how to create an Azure Functions App in the Azure Portal
  • Demystifying The Resultant Objects From Service Fabric Cluster Creation - Part Two

    In this article, I will be going through the details of all the objects that result from the "Create Service Fabric Cluster" template, the default template used by Visual Studio Publish wizard and Azure Portal.
  • Learn About Azure Key Vault

    Keys and secrets (AKA passwords) are an essential part of data protection management not only on-premises, but within the cloud as well. One of the many advantages of the cloud is the ability to have a secure, persisted key store. If you have used a password manager like Keepass or 1Password, you can consider Azure Key Vault to be an enterprise level password manager, but also a lot more.
  • Create and Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster

    In this article, you will learn how to create an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Cluster and deploy a SQL Server Container in Kubernetes.
  • Azure Advisor

    Azure offers a lot of value-added services included with the price you pay. One of the things I really like is the Azure Advisor.
  • Introducing Azure Functions

    This article will show you how to create a new Azure Function that will expose an HTTP endpoint which will accept a couple of Query String parameters from the HTTP Request, and then will output a calculated value based on the input parameters
  • How To Alert/Monitor Spending Limit Of A Resource Group In Microsoft Azure

    In this article, we will see how to monitor the spending limit of a particular resource group in Azure. And if it exceeds the limit, send an alert to the admin.
  • Planning The Migration Of Application To Azure PaaS

    Many organizations are planning to migrate their existing workload to Azure to achieve performance, scaling, the flexibility of resource consumption, and Pay-as-you-go plans. Let us see how to plan the migration of workloads to Azure PaaS.
  • Upload And Download File To Azure Blob Storage Using C#

    There are multiple ways I found on the internet to upload content to Azure Blob Storage. Let us cover some of those in this article.
  • Installing WordPress On Azure

    In this article, I’m going to show you how to install WordPress on Microsoft Azure hosting. We will install the WordPress certified by Bitnami.
  • How To Add Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration Users In Azure Portal

    Here, we will see how we can add Azure AAD B2B Collaboration users to the Azure Portal.
  • Integrate Azure Blob In Azure Functions

    In this article, you will learn how to perform Azure blob binding in Azure functions.
  • Remote Desktop Connection Error In Microsoft Azure

    In this lesson, we are going to learn how to fix the Azure Remote Desktop Connection error.
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