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Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Here you may find Microsoft Azure related articles and news.


  • The preview of OpenAPI Specification v3 Support in Azure API Management Released

    Recently, Microsoft has introduced support for the OpenAPI specification v3 in Azure API Management.
  • Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Azure Data Box Disk

    Recently, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Data Box Disk, an SSD-based solution for offline data transfer to Azure.
  • Telemetry SDK 4.2 Released

    Azure has announced the release of Bot Framework SDK version 4.2 to enhance monitoring, telemetry, and analytics capabilities of the SDK.
  • Microsoft Announces General Availability of Static Websites on Azure Storage

    Recently, Microsoft announced the general availability of static websites on Azure Storage, which provides the ability to serve content from HTML, CSS and JavaScript files hosted on Azure Storage.
  • Az version 1.0 Released

    Microsoft's Azure Team has announced the release of Azure PowerShell ‘Az’ Module version 1.0.
  • Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Azure Database For MariaDB

    Recently, at Connect(); 2018 conference, Microsoft has announced the general availability (GA) of Azure Database for MariaDB. According to the company, the service offers an enterprise-ready, fully managed community version of MariaDB.
  • Azure Service Fabric 6.4 Released

    Service Fabric runtime has been started rolling out to the various Azure regions with corresponding SDK and tooling updates. The new release was announced at Ignite conference earlier this year, in September.
  • Azure Introduces Logic App Connector for Blockchain

    Microsoft recently announced the Azure Blockchain Development Kit that allows developers to connect, integrate, and deploy their apps, devices, and products with blockchains. The development kit also introduces a set of logic app and flow connectors.
  • Azure IoT Edge Gets New Visual Studio Tools And Plugin For Jenkins

    Microsoft announced on Monday the availability of Azure IoT Edge plugin for Jenkins and a preview of tools of Visual Studio 2017 for Azure IoT Edge. The plugin provides Jenkins native capability to continuously build IoT Edge solutions and deploy to Azure IoT Edge devices while in Visual Studio 2017 you can create, build, debug and deploy an IoT Edge solution.
  • Azure Data Box Expands With Edge And Gateway

    Microsoft has announced the general availability of its Azure Data Box, with online capabilities Azure Data Box Edge and Azure Data Box Gateway.
  • Microsoft Launches Azure Durable Functions

    Recently Microsoft has introduced Azure Durable Functions, which is an extension of Microsoft's serverless platform Azure Functions.
  • Microsoft Announces Azure DevOps

    Recently, Microsoft has announced Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps has invested many years of learning in providing tools and support to its customers and software development teams.
  • Microsoft's DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) Now Generally Available

    Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) is now generally available in all azure regions. DPDK is a set of data plane libraries and network interface controller drivers for fast packet processing.
  • Azure Launches Ethereum Proof-of-Authority

    Microsoft Azure team just announced Ethereum Proof-of-Authority availability.
  • Service Fabric 6.3 Released Along With Service Fabric Mesh Preview

    Microsoft has recently announced the public preview of Service Fabric Mesh and released the Service Fabric 6.3.
  • Microsoft Announced Open Service Broker For Azure 1.0

    Microsoft announced the release of the Open Service Broker for Azure 1.0 (OSBA) that connects the applications running cloud-native environments with the services available in Azure.
  • Access Control Service To Retire Soon

    Azure Access Control Service will no longer avail from 7th November 2018.
  • Azure SQL Data Sync Generally Available Now

    Recently, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure SQL Data Sync.
  • Microsoft Azure Announces New Async Java SDK For Azure #CosmosDB

    Recently, Microsoft has announced the availability of asynchronous Java SDK for Cosmos DB’s SQL API open sourced on GitHub.
  • Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Azure Storage Explorer

    Recently, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.
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