Cloud computing allows enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers. Here you may find Cloud computing related articles and news.


  • Real-World Cloud App - From Start To Finish - The User Experience Layer

    In this article you will learn about a real-world cloud app from start to finish.
  • SaaS Vs PaaS Vs IaaS

    In this article, you will learn about SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.
  • Fundamentals Of Cloud Computing - Part Two

    In this article, we will understand the different models of cloud services and see their key differences.
  • Fundamentals Of Cloud Computing - Part One

    In this article, we will understand the fundamentals of cloud computing and its deployment models.
  • Real World Cloud App - From Start To Finish - The Communications Layer

    In this fifth part, we will add the communication layer to our real-world cloud app that we are developing in this series from start to finish.
  • Deploying An App On IBM Cloud With Cloud Foundry

    Here, I will give you an introduction to the cloud and will show how to deploy a sample .NET application to the IBM Cloud.
  • Installing Docker And Running Container Locally

    In this article, we will learn how to install Docker and run the containers locally.
  • Real World Cloud App - From Start To Finish - The Business Layer

    In this fourth part of the series, I will focus on the queueing using the Azure Service Bus and microservices using Azure Functions.
  • MongoDB Server On Alibaba Cloud

    Since the early days of NoSQL, many database engines have been presented in the market. MongoDB is, no doubt, one of the pioneers in the scalable, fault-tolerant NoSQL databases.
  • DockerOps - Getting Started With Docker

    This article will be part of the articles published under the competition, and I will try my best to cover up all the aspects of Docker, and containerization of the applications with this tutorial collection of the articles.
  • What Is Cloudyn

    Cloudyn is a Microsoft subsidiary. It has similar functions to Azure Cost Management (ACM). Cloudyn uses dashboard reports to help with usage monitoring, spending and cost allocation for Azure, as well as Amazon Web Services, Google and other cloud service providers. Dashboards, essentially a collection of widgets, provide a high level view of reports and these dashboards can be easily customised to the needs of your organisation.
  • Key Difference Between The Cloud And The Data Center

    There is usually so much confusion that surrounds the idea of cloud computing and data centers. People are visibly drawn between understanding the difference between both terms. The confusion prevails because of the noticeable interchangeability and relevance between the terms.
  • Real World Cloud App - From Start To Finish - The Architecture And Design

    In the first article of this series, I outlined my goal for these articles, how I want to approach writing back-end services and web site in Azure and how I want you, the reader to help. In this article I want to outline the overall architecture for the services and apps.
  • Serverless Data Lake Analytics Service In Alibaba Cloud

    Alibaba Cloud having so many DTPlus service among all Data Lake Analytics is demanding service by industry, Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics is a serverless interactive cloud native and analytics service which is fully managed by Alibaba Cloud using Massive Parallel Processing compute nodes managed by Alibaba Cloud So, no need to maintain it its 0 maintenance service provided by Alibaba cloud and made available for enterprise users on Pay As You Go mode.
  • Why Investing In Cloud Engineering Is Good For Your Company

    Adobe, the maker of the creative software suite, saw a three-fold increase in stock value after introducing its cloud-based subscription business model. Heineken was able to reach 10.5 million customers on a global scale swiftly using cloud services. Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, why, even Google - every IT behemoth you can think now lives on the cloud. Forrester expects the public cloud platform will size up to $178 Billion in 2018.
  • History And Evaluation Of Cloud Computing

    Mainframes are large and high computing platform. These systems will be managed in a separate large room or hall with all necessary power backup, cooling and data backup maintenance. This is a huge investment to the company. So, not every company can effort this system.
  • Overview Of Docker

    Docker is a very popular topic nowadays, a lot of good documents are available online nowadays but many of them talk about Linux kernel, UnionFS, etc. Scaring many of us who are not aware of these terms.
  • Learn Hybrid Connectivity Options Available In Alibaba Cloud Networking Services

    In this article, We will discuss hybrid connectivity options available in Alibaba Cloud Networking Services. As we all know industry and enterprises are more towards hybrid connectivity options to connect their own on premises Internet Data Center (IDC) to Cloud Computing Service Provider Data Center or Virtual Private Cloud. As industry does not want to migrate 100% workload on Cloud they are more preferring different types of Hybrid Connectivity Cloud Computing Service providers like Alibaba Cloud. So, Alibaba Cloud having so many different types of services under Networking like Express Connect, Cloud Enterprise Network, VPN Gateway by which enterprises can have hybrid connectivity options as per their requirements and budget.
  • Server Load Balancer In Networking Services Of Alibaba Cloud

    In this article, we will understand the Server Load Balancer of Networking Services on Alibaba Cloud.
  • Virtual Private Cloud And Its Isolation In Alibaba Cloud

    In this article we are talking about Virtual Private Cloud, short form VPC are logically isolated private network from other virtual networks is provided by Alibaba Cloud.
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