Coding Best Practices
Welcome to Performance & Best Practices section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Performance & Best Practices related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.


  • Why Comments Are Important While Writing Code

    This blog is about why comments are important and how they help to understand the code as well as when and where we should use comments.
  • Meaning Of Each HTTP Staus Code

    In this blog, you will learn the meanings of each HTTP staus code we encounter every day.
  • Performance And Memory Tips

    Two things play a very significant role in any application development, and those are the application’s footprint and performance. This article discusses these two concepts.
  • Agile for DevOps

    In this blog you will learn about Agile for DevOps.
  • 3 Effortless Ways To Keep Your Code Clean

    This blog show 3 effortless ways to keep your code clean.
  • Note on Importance of UI in Performance

    Simple UI tricks, such as progress bars, redirecting user's attention using animation, or placing slower loading sections at the bottom of a page or off-screen, can often ‘fix’ a performance problem.
  • Software Engineering Paradigm

    Lets learn about Software Engineering Paradigm.
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance portability and accountability Act)

    Basic rules to be followed for HIPAA compilances.
  • Naming Connventions

    What are naming conventions and what are their importance
  • Introduction To SOLID

    In this series of blog I will like to talk about Principles of Object Oriented Programming, called SOLID.
  • Single Responsibility Principle – C#

    Example on how should we implement SRP in C#
  • Object Oriented Concepts - Part I

    Lets learn the concept of Object Oriented Programming Language.
  • Update Panel Overuse? Be a bit cautious in terms of slowness (performance issue)

    Don’t be careless while using Update Panel in your project. It can slow down if you not care.
  • Null-coalescing and Ternary operator

    Null-coalescing and Ternary operator for avoiding null value while assignment.
  • How to Avoid Single Quote Exception in SQL

    How to Avoid Single Quote exception while inerting/Update/Select query.. (Unclosed quotation mark after the character string.......)
  • Open new browser window using

    How to open new browser window using
  • strategy pattern

    strategy pattern with code
  • Observer Pattern

    Observer Pattern with code
  • Decorator Pattern

    Decorator Pattern with code
  • Movable form with designed Header (.dll)

    Many times I have seen that many programmer creates designable header for their windows forms but then donsen't have the feasibility of moving like predefined windows forms, but after reading this article this is simple to create a .dll form header movable.