C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. This section contains C# related articles and syntaxes.


  • Func And Action Delegate

    This blog will tell how to use the func and Action delegates. A bit of knowledge of delegates or custom delegates is good. But I'll cover the delegates first before explaining the func and Action
  • C# foreach Reference Tutorial

    The foreach statement in C# iterates through a collection of items. This article contains several foreach loop code examples in C#.
  • Mastering Enum In C#

    C# enum is a value type with a set of related named constants often referred to as an enumerator list. The enum keyword is used to declare an enumeration.
  • Learn Everything About C# Switch Statement

    C# switch case statement is a selection statement. C# switch (expression) is combined with multiple case blocks. C# switch case code example.
  • A Complete C# Arrays Tutorial

    C# array is a collection of data types such as int, strings, or doubles. This complete tutorial on arrays starts with defining arrays and array types in C# and how to use Arrays in a .NET application
  • Learn About DateTime Struct In C#

    In C#, to perform Date & Time related information and operations, we have DateTime struct. Let us see it in detail.
  • Working With DateTime Using C#

    C# DateTime structure represents dates and time in C# and .NET. This tutorial explains C# DateTime class, its members, properties and how to use them to perform DateTime tasks such as format dates in
  • How To Call C# If Else In A Single Line

    You can use C# if else statement in a single line. Here is the code sample.
  • How To Use C# if else Statement

    The if else statement in C# is one of the most commonly used selection statements. This code example shows how to use an if..else if statement in C#.
  • Extension Methods in C#

    This article explains Extension Methods in C#. Extension methods enable you to add methods to existing types without creating a new derived type, recompiling, or otherwise modifying the original type.
  • Create And Use An Extension Method In C#

    In this article, learn how to create a extension method in C# and why we need extension methods.
  • Common Code Smells Mistake In C# - Part Two

    Code smell is a word given to indicate a deeper problem in our programming code. Here, we will discuss about some of the code smell vulnerabilities that developers commonly face but don't recogniz
  • Regular Expressions In .NET

    Regular Expressions in .NET are implemented using the C# Regex class. Learn here how Regex in .NET works.
  • Regular Expressions in C#

    In this article I will explain you about Regular Expressions in C#.
  • Top C# Regex Code Examples

    Regex class in C# represents regular expression. In this article, you’ll learn how to use C# Regex class to validate various user inputs.
  • Create A Windows Service In C#

    This tutorial explains how to create a Windows Service in C#. You will also learn how to configure and start a Windows Service in .NET.
  • Learn All About Methods In C#

    In this article, you will learn about methods. I will discuss the methods and their different types with example.
  • Sending Email Using C#

    In this article and code example, learn how to send emails in C# where emails are stored in a SQL Server database.
  • A Complete C# List Tutorial With Code Examples

    C# List represents a collection of strongly typed objects. In this complete tutorial, learn to use List class methods and properties in C#.
  • Difference between For and Foreach Loop in C#

    This blog describes the difference between for and foreach loop in C#.
  • For Vs Foreach In C#

    In C#, for vs foreach loop can be confusing. This article explains when to use for vs foreach loop in C#.
  • How To Handle Null Values In C#

    In this article, you will learn what null values are and how to handle null values in C#.
  • Consume Web API Using WebClient In C#

    In this blog, we will learn how to consume a Web API using a web client in C#.
  • Using Generics In C#

    C# Generics are used to create generic collections in C#. A C# Generic collection has certain key features such as compare, add, remove, find, and index items. In this C# Generics tutorial with code e
  • Generic In C#

    Generic in C# allows us to create classes and methods with placeholders as a type parameter (which are type-safe). We will learn all about C# Generics in his blog.