C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. This section contains C# related articles and syntaxes.


  • When To Use❓Abstract Class And Interface In C# Programming

    In this video, I have discussed, in details, the scenarios in which you should use abstract class and interface and the scenarios when the interface works better. I have started from defining the a...
  • Working with C# List (Code Examples)

    List<T> class in C# and .NET represents a strongly typed list of objects. List<T> provides functionality to create a list of objects, find list items, sort list, search list, and manipu...
  • WMI Implementation With ORMi

    I have written a new .NET library named as ORMi to communicate to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). In this article, let's get an overview of ORMi.
  • What Is C# Used For

    C# Language is one of the most versatile, flexible, and modern programming language that allows developers to build all kind of applications including Windows client, Web applications, and native m...
  • CrossRefCollection - Add A Multi-Dimensional Dictionary Collection To The Language

    I’m building a library to identify audio encodings used in a byte stream and there’s a lot of look-up tables required to determine bit rates, sample sizes, and so on. So, I decided to build a littl...
  • Implementing Multiple Interfaces With The Same Method Signature In C#

    This write-up explains how we can implement multiple interfaces in C# using the same method signature. Also, we will cover how this can be helpful in implementing the SOLID principles.
  • Partial Classes In C# with Real Example

    Partial class was introduce in C# 2. In C#, a class resides in a cs file. The partial classes allows a C# class can reside in multiple cs files with the same name and compile in one class. The code...
  • Partial Methods In C#

    The partial keyword in a C# method creates a partial method. In this article, you will learn about partial methods in C# and how to use a partial method in your .NET application.
  • Working with Arrays In C#

    C# Arrays are most used data types. Learn how to create string array, int array, search array, sort an array, and what are single-dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, jagged arrays, and mix...
  • How To Play With Enum in C#

    In this article you will see use of Enum data type in C#. convert enum to String, convert String to enum.
  • Partial Method in C#

    How to implement partial method in C#. A partial method can be used as a definition in one part while another part can be the implementation.
  • Expected New Features In C# 8

    C# 8, C#, C# 8.0. The four key features added to C# 8 are nullable reference types, async streams, default interface implementations, and extension everything.
  • Compare Tuples In C#

    How to compare two tuples in C#. Tuple comparison is available in C# 7.3 or later versions and can be done by using equality == and != operators.
  • Tuples In C#

    What is new in tuples in C# 7.0. Tuples in C# were first introduced as a part of .NET Framework 4.0. A C# tuple is a data structure that provides an easy way to represent a single set of data. The ...
  • What Is GUID In C#

    GUID (or UUID) is an acronym for 'Globally Unique Identifier' (or 'Universally Unique Identifier'). A GUID is a 128-bit integer (16 bytes) that can be used across all computers and ...
  • Queue And Stack Collection In C#

    Queue and stack are two common implementations when creating linked lists. A queue uses first-in-first-out algorithm. The stack uses last-in-first-out algorithm. Both are generic collections in C# ...
  • Story Of Pass By Value And Pass By Reference In C#

    The ref keyword is used pass a value by reference in C#. Learn the difference between Pass By Value and Pass By Reference in C# and .NET with code examples.
  • List Collection Class in C#

    List is a collection class in C# and .NET. Code examples in this article show how to work with List<T> class in C#. Also code examples on C# Lists and C# Collections.
  • Stack In C#

    Stacks are one of the common data structures used in the software world, which follows the First In Last Out paradigm. Stacks are used in various mathematical functions like Towers of Hanoi, findin...
  • Working On Stack Using C#

    In this article I explain how to create a Stack<> in C# and how to perform the various operations on a Stack.
  • Overview Of Stack In C#

    This article decribes what a stack is in C#. A stack is a data structure in which items are added or removed in a Last In First Out (LIFO) manner.
  • C# Heap(ing) Vs Stack(ing) In .NET - Part One

    Even though with the .NET framework we don't have to actively worry about memory management and garbage collection (GC), we still have to keep memory management and GC in mind in order to optim...
  • Overview Of Dependency Injection In C#

    Dependency Injection provides a singleton. It means whenever the first time instance of the class is requested, the external source will check whether it already has an instance of the class or not...
  • Understanding Access Modifiers In C# (Video)

    In this important C# video, I have discussed, in details, what access modifiers are in C#. Also, I have explained the respective properties of all access modifiers - public, private, protected, int...
  • Important Questions For C# Interview Part 2 - Intermediate

    In this video, I have discussed some important questions for C# developers. These questions are of intermediate level, where I have elaborated many concepts, like Jagged Array, ArrayList vs List, s...