Power BI
Power BI is a business intelligence tool to generate powerful charts and reports for data analysis and data visualization purposes. Follow this category and authors to keep up to date with Power BI news and tutorials.


  • Overview Of Power BI Service Home Page

    In this blog, we will talk about the newly released Home Page. Power BI released the Home Page with global navigation in September 2018 update.
  • How To Use Global Search In Power BI Service

    In this blog, we will learn about the Global Search option available in the Power BI Service.
  • Load Image File In Power BI From SQL Server

    How we can load images into Power BI from SQL Server and display it in our reports
  • Accessing REST API In PowerBI Report Server

    The URL of the REST API service for PowerBI report server is highlighted below. This is same for SQL server Reporting Services 2016 onwards.
  • Difference Between Measure Calculated Column In PowerBI

    In this article, we will talk about the difference between Measure and Calculated columns.
  • New Power BI Feature - Spotlight In Power BI

    In this blog, we will talk about another Power BI feature -Spotlight. Here, we will discuss the features offered by Spotlight.
  • Connecting To Google Analytics From Power BI

    There are about 130 services (at the time of writing this post) that you can connect to in Power BI to create powerful dashboards. Some of these services come with a ready made dashboard as well.
  • How To Install Power BI Desktop

    This article covers how we can install Power BI Desktop on our Windows machine.
  • How To Clear Cache Of Power BI Desktop

    At some point of time when you face your visuals are not accepting changes created by you that means you need to clear your Power BI Desktop’s cache.
  • How To Use PowerShell With SharePoint Online

    This article covers how we can use PowerShell with SharePoint Online? When we are beginner in SharePoint we always have a question in our mind that how to use PowerShell.
  • How To Enable Power BI Preview Features For Report Development In Power BI Desktop

    This article covers how we can enable preview features in Power BI Desktop. They release these visuals or feature as a preview in Power BI.Once these features will be in stable condition they will release it in their next update.
  • Line Charts In Power BI

    One of the most used chart, the Line chart is characterized by a series of data points connected by a line. Each point in the line corresponds to a data value in the given category.
  • Overview Of Power BI Desktop

    This article covers a basic idea of Power BI Desktop.This article will be very helpful to anyone new to Power BI to help them understand the components of Power BI Desktop.
  • Bar Charts (Column Charts)

    Bar chart, sometimes called column chart or line chart, is one of the most used charts. The bar with varying lengths represents the data values. The bars are used to compare data values across various categories.
  • Understanding Microsoft Power BI And Data Processing

    In this article, we will look into several points that we should consider during our Power BI report development.
  • How To Publish Report In Power BI

    When a report is ready for use, the Power BI Desktop file (in PBIX format) may be saved and uploaded to the Power BI service with a single click.
  • Embed Power BI Reports In Modern UI Page Using Embedded Web Part

    In this blog, we are going to see how to embed Power BI Reports in SharePoint modern site page.
  • Changing Data Source In Power BI

    This blog is about how the data source can be changed in Power BI.
  • Using Power BI for Free

    In this article you will learn how people without O365 subscription can use Power BI.
  • Export Data from a Power BI Report in CSV Format

    In this blog you will learn how to export data from a Power BI Report in CSV format.
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