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Power BI is a business intelligence tool to generate powerful charts and reports for data analysis and data visualization purposes. Follow this category and authors to keep up to date with Power BI news and tutorials.


  • Real-time Streaming In Power BI

    In this video, I will set up the real-time streaming of dataset in Power BI.
  • Relevant Documents web part in SharePoint

    In this video, we will learn how we can use Relevant Documents web part in SharePoint Online. As a developer I personally love this web part. There are some scenarios in which we made all the changes for our end clients, but we forget to check in our files. At that time this web part will very useful to us. Relevant Documents web part shows all the documents or web pages that are uploaded or modified by the current user and it also show the location of the file as well. This web part shows last checked out file by the current user. Relevant document web part will work on site level. It will not work for site collection level. Please refer the video to learn all the stuff about Relevant Document web part in SharePoint Online
  • Using And Power BI To Visualize Your Personal Finances

    Downloading data from leads me to six pages of Power BI reporting that spans different aspects of personal finance, to a depth you won't find in existing tools - but is rather easy for Power BI, given leverage from DAX expressions. In this video, I will dive into details about implementing this reporting solution.
  • Dense Rank Function In Power BI

    In this video, we will talk about how we can apply Dense Rank in Power BI. Power BI provides this functionality to create a Rank using DAX expression. We will use RANKX() function to create the Rank in Power BI.
  • How To Use Wikipedia As A Data Source For Power BI Report?

    In this video, we will talk how we can consume Wikipedia data as a data source and prepare power bi report for it. As we all know Wikipedia is a platform of very useful information. If data is available in a tabular manner in Wikipedia we can directly consume that data in Power BI. In this video, we will prepare a report for a pharma company sales report. We will also learn how to set visuals in power bi and how to do the formatting for this visual.
  • How to create Dashboard in Power BI ?

    In this video we will learn how we can create Simple dashboard using Power BI.Dashboards are the main module of Power BI Service,provided to the user end.You can create your own personalized dashboards to view or monitor your real time data through just one portal.You can have a dashboard on the Web or on your cell phone. It will provide you the same data and most importantly no matter how many external services you link to your dashboard, all will be in synchronization, Real time synchronization.