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  • Difference Between Data Type in C# and Data Type in .NET10/27/2013 2:37:52 PM. My today’s presentation is only for new developer. If you go for .NET interview, the interviewer might ask one question. “What is the difference between string and String in C# .NET”.
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  • Data Types in JSON10/12/2012 4:12:06 PM. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open and text-based data exchange format means it is a text format for the serialization of structured data. It is derived from object literals of javascript.
  • COBOL and .NET Data Types9/30/2012 4:50:17 AM. .NET has created a new, level playing field for a multitude of programming languages to interact on a scale never before seen.
  • Working with COBOL Data Groups in C#9/30/2012 4:48:49 AM. In this article we will begin with a C# console application calling a COBOL DLL file. The C# application will pass it a number of occurrences to create in the table (much like a user requesting a specific number of months to report on).
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  • Data Types in F#5/13/2012 6:27:17 AM. In this article you will learn about the mutable and immutable data types of F#. If you want to understand that then take a Quick review.
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  • SharePoint list, data types, Site Content Type, Site Column and Document Library7/3/2011 11:47:25 AM. In this article, you will learn various data types and content types in SharePoint. You will also see how to work with various SharePoint object such as groups, lists, and document library.
  • Sharepoint list and data types4/29/2011 2:39:37 AM. Here we Understand the concept of Database, SharePoint List table in SQL server VS, SharePoint List Template, SharePoint and custom data types and Column Name and will see to add, delete, edit the elements in SharePoint List
  • Storing Data in C#12/19/2005 11:36:14 PM. In this article, we will talk about C# data types and how data storage works with different types of data types.
  • Comparison of C# with Java: A Developer Perspective12/17/2005 2:25:19 AM. The .NET is a language and operating system (on Windows as of now) independent platform pretty similar to Java.
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