About Routing
Routing is the process which is used for transmitting and routing IP packets data over the Internet between two or more nodes and the main basic idea of Routing is to define the best rout to traveling the data packets in efficiently way. Packet Routing techniques and processes on external networks or those that are hosted or Internet enabled. It utilizes IP-based networks, But mainly those which are publicly accessible such as that of ISPs. The Router is connected to at least two networks and decides which way to send each information packet based on its current understanding of the state of the networks it is connected to. A Router is located at any gateway where one network meets another, including each point-of-presence on the Internet. A Router is often included as part of a network switch. Routing is a function associated with the Network layer 3 in the standard model of network programming, the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. A layer-3 switch is a switch that can perform routing functions.
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