Publishing Azure Worker Role Using The Publish Wizard

In this article, I will be explaining how to publish an Azure Worker Role project to Azure using the Wizard mode.

The project base used in this example can be found here,
What is Azure Worker Role?

"The WorkerRole element describes a role that is useful for generalized development and may perform background processing for a web role. A service may contain zero or more worker roles." Read more here.
There are two main ways to publish your project,
  1. You may set up everything at the Azure portal, download and import your profile into Visual Studio. Check it here.
  2. Use the Visual Studio Wizard to create and configure your cloud service, create your publish profile, and start publishing without needing anything else other than using Visual Studio. This process is explained here:

Visual Studio 2017 Professional with all features included is used here.

Let's go to the process, step by step,
  1. Right-click in the Worker Role Project, and click publish,

    Worker Role Project

  2. Select your Azure subscription to be used,

    Azure subscription

  3. If you do not have a cloud service created, you must create it,

    cloud service

    Read more about their prices here
If you already have your cloud service created, just select it,

cloud service

Choose your diagnostics preferences,

diagnostics preferences

Read more about diagnostics here.

Review your settings and click publish,

You may follow the publishing process through the Microsoft Azure Activity Log window,

Microsoft Azure Activity Log

If you check the Azure portal, you may see that your worker role is up and running,

Azure portal

Congratulations, you have successfully published your Azure Worker Role using Visual Studio Publish Wizard.