Task Management In SharePoint (On-Prim/Online) - Part Four

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In our last article (Part Three), we explored how we can work with Timeline in SharePoint Task list.
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Let’s start with a new phase in task list, that is Alert Me!

What are SharePoint Alerts

SharePoint alerts are email notifications that are sent by SharePoint when something changes in a library or list. By library we obviously mean a document library and by list – I mean any type of list in SharePoint. For example, Issues Log, Task List, Announcements, Contact List, some custom lists you created and Calendar (yes, the calendar is a list in SharePoint) can all have alerts setup and you can be notified of any changes made to them.(Source: SharePoint Alerts)

So here we go….

The first question that comes to our mind before assigning a task to a user is how a user comes to know that he/she has a task to fulfil or how a user is notified that you have some task to complete within some time limit.

In Task the list alert can be applied to list level or item level.

It is best practice to setup alerts on List level if want to get a notification on each and every item in the list and if we care about only a specific item then we have to setup alerst for that item only.

List level:

To setup an alert on the list first we go to list tab in the ribbon. There is a button named Alert Me,

Alert Me
Alert Me

When we click on Set alert on this list option, a popup opens like below image.


So here we have to fill some field to setup our alert on list level.

Let’s See:

Alert Title:

This is the name field for our alert i.e. what would be the name of our alert? This should be useful to identify what our alert does in some conditions (like an item added/changed etc.).

Send Alert To: This is used for to whom we want to send a notification (email). Here we can enter the username or email address to whom we want to notify about changes in our list. We can insert more than one users at a time.


Delivery Method:

In SharePoint there are two methods to send a notification to its user. One is through email and other is Text Messages (Mobile).


Change Type: Specify the type of changes that you want to be alerted to, i.e. which type of change is this?


Send Alerts for These Changes:

This is basically used for changing item state. Specify whether to filter alerts based on specific criteria. We can also restrict our alerts to only include items that show in a particular view.


When to Send Alerts:

Specify how frequently we want to be alerted. (Mobile alert is only available for immediate send).


So here we are going to setup an alert when we add a new item to our list.


Just fill the popup field as per our requirement. In our case, we want to setup an alert when awe adds an item in our list.


Now we have to test that is our alert working fine or not?

Add a new task to our Task list.


Now go to our Office365 outlook to check if we got a notification or not.


When we sign-in in our O365 outlook and check our inbox we get an email.

Yeah! We get the email of our Item creation in our list.

Here it is:


The subject of email shows that this is the mail for Added and one more interesting thing that happened with this email is that we have our task name as a part of our mail subject. We have all the information related to our task.

It’s amazing!!!!!!!

In this way, we can setup more than one alert for a single Task list and we can also manage all our alerts as per our requirement.


One more thing we forgot is  that when we create an alert for our list we also get a notification on our email that we have created an alert for our list.


Manage our alert:

To manage our alert we just simply click on Alert Me button in the ribbon and we find an option to manage our alerts.


Here is the main screen to manage our alerts!


So in this way, we can setup alerts for our list.

Now we are going to see  how to configure an alert for a single item in our list.
For this select an item in our list like below image and click on Alert me. This time, we get et alert on this item value instead of list.


All the processes are the same, as we create an alert for list aspect of  the Title of the alert. This time, we are not going to change the Title of alert.


We have to setup item alert as per our need/requirement and then click Ok.

Now, we have to do some changes in our task to test our Alert setup. So we add a new user in Assigned to thecolumn and save it.


Now if we check our Inbox we get an email something like this.


Wow! It is awesome……It is showing the changes too.

So here we learned one thing, that we can setup more than one alert for each level (list/item) and we can modify/delete these alerts as well.

Sharing of Task(s):

“In SharePoint Sharing of items is very broad.”

In SharePoint, we can share Task list and each and every element at a separate level.

To Share a Task list to someone else first we go to list tab in ribbon and click on Shared with button.


Now if we check the inbox of Puneet Gulati we come to know that he has got a notification regarding our shared item.


We can also share a single item from our task list; to do so we have to select an item in our Task List and then Tasks tab in ribbon where we get an option of Shared With


Now it is up to us how we are going to treat our task.


In this article, we see that we can do a lot of things with our task list in SharePoint. We see that how we can setup notifications (alerts) and sharing with our task list. We can also do a lot more things with SharePoint but it needs some passions.

“It is my pleasure that I’m writing this article series for C# Corner”.

Hope you are enjoying SharePoint.

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