Learn Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Logic Apps and Excel Custom Functions Programming

Azure Databricks, Excel custom functions programming, Azure Data Factory, Azure Logic Apps
Please join me, Nilesh Shah, and Heather Grandy for a presentation at Microsoft Toronto HQ.


Welcome to the C# Corner Toronto Chapter meetup!

Join our February 2019 meetup and learn about Azure Logic Apps, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, and excel at your custom functions programming.


Meetup starts at 4.30 pm sharp



  • Introduction to C# Corner & its Toronto chapter
  • "Azure Databricks" by Heather Grandy
  • "Excel custom functions programming" by Nilesh Shah
  • Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps Typical Samples (P1) by Nik Shahriar
  • Refreshments, Discussion, Networking

Session details

"Azure Databricks" by Heather Grandy:

  • Introduction to Spark
  • Why Azure Databricks?
  • Demo

    • Navigating a Databricks workspace
    • Creating a cluster
    • The Notebook development experience

"Excel custom functions programming" by Nilesh Shah:

  • What are custom functions in Excel?
  • Setup & Requirements
  • Streaming Custom Functions
  • Demo

Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps Typical Samples (P1) by Nik Shahriar,

  • File processing and Archiving
  • Unzipping files using ADF, ALA, and Python
  • Pipeline Framework
  • Demo

Speakers' Introduction

  • Nilesh Shah - Nilesh is a Microsoft MVP in Office 365 development. He works as Sr. Tech Lead at RN Design Ltd.
  • Heather Grandy - Heather is Azure Data Platform Technical Specialist at Microsoft Canada in Toronto.
  • Nik Shahriar - Nik is Senior Azure Data Engineer/Senior Azure Integration Design/Senior Tech. Team Lead & Design. He is a C# Corner MVP and a former Microsoft MVP.


  • C# Corner Toronto Chapter is sponsored by RN Design Ltd.
  • C# Corner Toronto Chapter thanks Microsoft Canada for the venue!

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