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Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023

Rohit Tomar Noida Chapter 9:30 PM To 12:30 AM IST

Join us LIVE on March 28, 2023 for the Azure Cosmos DB Conf on CSharp TV & Learn TV. Azure Cosmos DB Conf is a free virtual developer event co-organized by Microsoft and the Azure Cosmos DB community. This is our third Azure Cosmos DB Conf. Sessions will be a combination of Microsoft and community delivered. Come and learn more about Azure Cosmos DB. See what others in the community are building.

Come and learn more about Azure Cosmos DB. See what others in the community are building. 

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  • Amplifying Searches with Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB and Natural Language Processing
  • An Introduction to the new Data Migration Tool for Azure Cosmos DB
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in writing queries for the API for NoSQL
  • Azure Cosmos DB Analytics with Analytical Store CDC and V2 Connector for Power BI
  • Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL from the Customer's eyes
  • Build and deploy containerized apps with Azure Kubernetes Service & Azure Cosmos DB
  • Build Scalable Financial Applications with Azure Cosmos DB - Asset Management/Trading use-case
  • Building Large-Scale Multi-Tenant SaaS Systems with Azure Cosmos DB
  • Custom Autoscaler for using Azure Cosmos DB in a cost-effective manner
  • Deep Dive: Real-world data modeling and performance.
  • Deep-dive into achieving good cost/performance with Azure Cosmos DB elasticity
  • Digitally Transforming a Call Center with Cosmos and SignalR
  • Don't overcomplicate it: adventures in building SaaS with Azure Cosmos DB and little else
  • Expanding the Bulk Patch Functionality at Walgreens
  • Flexible, integrated, and cost-effective. The revolutionary Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB
  • How Azure Cosmos DB can be leveraged to accelerate IoT use-cases
  • How To Stream Azure Cosmos DB Change Feed into ADLS
  • How we used Azure Cosmos DB to power AEP's Data groups
  • Migrating from Oracle to Azure Cosmos DB on Azure: Optimizing infrastructure and increasing migration speed
  • Multi-tenant SaaS apps made simple on Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL
  • Putting out fires with Log Analytics: How to troubleshoot key issues with your Azure Cosmos DB Resources
  • Super App with Azure Cosmos DB
  • Tame Your Data Monsters: Spring Boot + Azure Cosmos DB for Planetary Scale Database Bliss
  • Top 5 ways to save money with Azure Cosmos DB
  • Use managed identity with Azure Cosmos DB to increase security and deployment automation
  • Using Azure Cosmos DB As LockService
  • Using Azure Cosmos DB, Logic Apps, and AI to store and track data in images

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Stephen Simon

RD for C# Corner (India & Asia Pacific Region)

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