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The Understanding of Data Science

Rohit Tomar C# Corner Webinars 11:00 AM To 12:00 PM IST

C# Corner announced a new webinar for the students on "The Understanding of Data Science".

Prerequisites: Google Meet

Event URL: https://bit.ly/33znTJ6


Data science is an interdisciplinary field that draws knowledge and insights from numerous structural and unstructured data using scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems. The science of data is linked to data mining, machine learning, and big data.


  • What is DataScience
  • Data Science Requirements
  • Applications in DataScience
  • Why DataScience is the backbone to every technology


Chapter Leader

Manish Tewatia

With more than 7 years of professional experience, Manish is Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist at C# Corner, India. Having started his career as ...

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