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ASP.Net communication with an external process

May 26 2011 8:11 AM


We have an ASP.Net application from where we are starting a process (Process A). The standard process communicates with another application (Process B). Process B start by Process A. All are running in the same machine .Net framework 3.5 IIS 7, Process A & B are not .Net applications.

All these working fine when use with VS IDE's local server. By that time, the process A, process B running as the local user account. But when publish the project in IIS, the process A started as "System" and then can't communicate with process B and gives errors. We have tried giving all permission to the folders where the exe files resides.

We have edited the process model in the machine config with username of the local user. We have tried impersonating the local user which works external to IIS still no go. Any help is appreciated

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