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Change WM6 USB Setting to Mass Storage mode dynamically.

May 24 2011 11:49 AM
I've looked all over, and I'm not finding quite what I'm looking for anywhere on the internet.

I'm trying to set my handheld to Mass Storage mode via my c# application, but nothing seems to work so far. I've tried comparing the registry values before the setting change and after, and making the registry changes, but that doesn't seem to work. I also tried changing this ( to c# code, but to no avail.

While both techniques updated the registry as expected, neither actually changed the mode properly. The one from the link did get it to switch to 'Mass storage Device' in Connections -> USB Settings screen, but it got stuck in limbo for like 2 minutes, and my laptop never detected the device as having actually changed to a Mass Storage Device (which works when I do it through the menu).

If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be very appreciative.