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ASP.Net MVC5 and facebook login issue

Apr 18 2018 7:50 AM

i read a article which showed few steps we need to perform to get appid and src from fb and i got also appid and src which i put like

public void ConfigureAuth(IAppBuilder app) 
{ ....
appId: "xxxxxxxxxxx",
appSecret: "xxxxxxxx");

when i go to login page there i found a button called facebook and i click there which redirect to me to facebook with a error.

my facebook redirected url looked like

and the error message show on facebook page look like....screen shot attached enter image description here

see the error message and as if error trying to say we need to sign in to facebook in advance before clicking on facebook button on my site.

in this case my site url should have https instead of http?

please tell me what i mistake for which i am getting this error.

also another question is how redirect url is generated by mvc because the same url i did not find in whole project code?


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