BLL file to manage Lookup tables in one or more BLL files

Apr 23 2019 12:45 PM
Hi All,
I am new of this forum and I would ask a suggestion.
I have a UI component which manages some Lookup tables in one single UI component (loading the different lookup data based on which lookup table to load).
The UI component, currently, access a single BLL file called LookupBLL.cs which contains all the methods (View, Edit, Add, Delete) for all Lookup tables. This involves that the LookupBLL.cs contains a huge amount of code lines (more than 1000).
Is it a good approach to manage all the methods for all Lookup tables in one single BLL file or it would be better to differentiate the BLL in different files (e.g. One BLL for each Lookup table which contains only the methods of View, Modify and Delete specific for that table)?
Thank you

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