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Copy pasting Images in Online Content Publisher

Jun 8 2019 8:52 AM
Hi All,
Can someone please advise what is best way to upload images to Online Content publisher? 
I found something strange happening from last few days. I had submitted 5 articles using online content publisher which has images. I always used to copy image from snipping tool and paste images directly into WYSWYG editor.  This 5 articles were approved also. 
In my next article, I used same way to copy paste image from snipping tool. This article got rejected with reason saying 'Images from external links'. When I checked all the images in this particular article. Image url is in base64 format string. 
So i went to check approved previous artciles, image url src is Online - Delete Custom Action Via Rest API.png
I got suggestion from Nandeep to use insert image button of WSYWYG editor. When I am trying to upload image I am getting below exception.
This is happening for all articles. 
I would like to know below
1. Is  reason my article got rejected because image url is base64 string?
2. If so why all previous articles were approved and image src changed to csharpcorner.
3. What is best way to upload image, generally saving image and uploading to gallery is time consuming. There should be easy way to do this. If so please advise.
4. Uploading article via docx files.... how do we specify category, keywords....sorry for asking basic question but have never tried this option.

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