Eliminating error messages for "something isn't getting used

Jul 21 2017 3:25 PM

My son and I are maintaining and growing a 600,000 line VB6 program that we are converting to C#. We’re using a good (We like it.), professionally available program that is a HUGE help on getting the code organized and working. It’s also a great validation on what we are learning from your class. I’m starting to believe, “We can do this!”

My question is: We have about 3,000+ variables with 2 or 3 different levels of scope; and about another 3,000 more from files (their fields) that have the highest levels of scope. I like “libraries” of the most commonly used, as well as libraries of the more organized inclusion in their levels of scope based primarily on the parent files.

Now that’s what works in VB6. How can I do that without getting vast counts of error messages because “something isn’t getting used?” I do “SetStructure” when I instantiate the files; I do set the fields sizes of strings (strTmp = “00/00/00” or PumpkinDessert = “__” // we do almost everything as strings)

Thanks for reading through and responding, Rick C.

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