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Experienced but no Education!

Aug 4 2013 5:15 AM
Hi all,
I always been poor in academics, did BCA(Regular) in 2005-08 from a good college in Delhi but didn't completed it as few papers i didn't  passed.
Till 2010 end i did part time jobs, then i got a job in a small company(Web Development) started by very senior to me in my college i worked there for around 1.6yrs, learned (basically all programming) then shifted to a bigger company of course with a salary hike.
Problem now is, with almost 2.5yrs experience, whenever i go for an Interview in an MNC my education causes problems...
Now, What Degree/Diploma, where from, should i do to overcome this hurdle in minimum time...
I know I'm late(very late) but please advice...

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