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my career..

Aug 3 2013 2:58 AM

i did my M.C.A in may 2013.. now joined in a small owner based company in .net platform.. in that company they asked  1 to 2 years agreement and to hand over my original certificates.. for the first 6 months they give stipend for training.. but here training means we have to learn no 1 is there to teach us some colleagues will help.. after 6 months they fixed salary based on our performance.. but here it shld n't over 10k after 2 years too (i guess)..  here 6 employees are there in that 4 freshers.. resource too very less..

As a student level i know those things on .net not much details.. but the boss often irritate by asking lot of things like "how long u ll take to learn" then "how can i gain profit by you"..  (i joined here before 8 days.. in this days he asked this questions often))

i dont know how to manage this situation.. basically my habit is to learn interestingly.. if he ask like this i got feared sometimes i felt that " really do i have a talent to become a programmer" in that time i didnt get any interest to learn.. without interest how can i learn??  he always discourage me.. i love programming.. i like to learn a lot.. but my mind is full of confusion..

have lot of responsibilities in home too.. my earnings is neccessary..

help me please..

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