Good company with bad project or a start-up with good projec

Oct 14 2021 5:38 PM

Hi all, I am a .Net dev with 10y exp. I am working in a big stable product company who cares employees and having decent pay. Unfortunately I am working in a bad project which is running in forms n tired monolith. And is no room for technical improvements like cloud, microservices. I am fixing bugs for 4 years.

I always do learn, learnt angular, node, Python, ddd, azure and microservices. I am looking for job. But I am not getting selected into Because I don't hold a project exp.

However I got selected into a service based start-up that builds ai services for clients, with a very good compensation but they are using only java and node. 

Am i taking risk by joining startup? And is it practical to mater in Java and node this late.?

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